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Seasoning Transfer Sheets

seasoning transfer sheets

Quickly add new and bold flavors to steaks, chicken, fish, deli meats, and other portion cut proteins.

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Elastic Netting

elastic netting

Form and shape products, and impart a distinctive pattern with functional elastic netting, which can be treated with release agents and/or smoke flavor.

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Cook-Chill Bags

Cook-Chill Bags

Preserve the freshness of cooked sauces, soups, stews and more with Cook-Chill Bags, offering superior strength for improved shelf life and product quality.

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Flavorseal product packaging on slaughter facility line

Slaughter Packaging

Flavorseal provides complete packaging solutions to meet the unique needs of the slaughter industry. We manufacture shrink packaging for bone-in meats, boneless meats and poultry with a wide operating range that allows for both structures to seal at the same temperatures for maximum flexibility.

Flavorseal shrink bags are suitable for both domestic and export distribution. Additionally, our shrink bags are Kosher for Passover year-round.

As one of our strategic partners, we will work with you to evaluate your current packaging usages and provide order flexibility to meet your inventory and shipment needs. We follow that with in-plant technical support and consultation to ensure that the packaging runs at maximum efficiency.

Flavorseal Flexopack Shrink Packaging System

Shrink Packaging

Flavorseal’s clear, glossy, and printable food shrink bags are the ideal packaging solution for meats and cheeses.

Flavorseal Flexopack 350-450 Rotary Chamber Vacuum

Shrink Packaging Equipment

The Next Generation of Food Packaging Equipment is here!  Our cutting-edge Flexopack line of food shrink packaging machines and equipment includes a rotary chamber vacuum machine, shrink tunnel, chill tunnel, and dry tunnel.


Our packaging equipment solutions are also suitable for slaughterhouse plants and facilities.

  • 99.9% stainless steel construction for easy washdown
  • Energy-saving design
  • Smaller footprint suitable for multiple plant layouts
  • Allen-Bradley controls

Seasoning Transfer Technology

Our patented seasoning transfer technology improves seasoning application on the production line.


Flavorseal manufactures and distributes complete netting products and solutions for processing and packaging that make your products stand out in the crowd. Our innovative netting products are manufactured for everything from for food, meat and poultry to fruit and toys.

Also featured are our netting release agents, stainless steel stuffing horns, net rucking machines and pneumatic stuffing machine processing equipment to speed up your processing line.

Let our knowledgeable team help guide you in selecting the netting product that is right for your application.

Films, Bags, Casings, and Pouches

Films, Bags, Casings & Pouches

No matter what your packaging goal, we have a solution. We offer the finest selection of bags, casings, pouches and roll stocks that are fully tested to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Stock your cook-chill kitchen with the products and equipment you need to ensure efficiency, improve food safety and streamline your process. From bags, stands and sealers to chillers, crates, and dollies, we offer a full line of cook-chill products to help you chill food products quickly and safely and reduce the risk of cross-contamination during storage and transport. So whether you serve 100 meals a day or 1,000, Flavorseal can help you implement a safe and profitable cook-chill system that is customized for your kitchen.


With cook-chill solutions from Flavorseal, you can:

  • Package, cool, store and retherm all in the same bag
  • Improve efficiency and consistency by cooking foods in batches and storing for later use
  • Simplify movement and streamline storage with stackable crates and compact dollies



Interested in the benefits of implementing a cook-chill system? Check out our blog post, “Top 5 Reasons to do Cook-Chill in Any Size Kitchen.


Functional Additives & Ingredients

Flavorseal is the only packaging company that offers functional additives and bulk ingredients.

Safety Supplies

Food Safety Supplies & Clothing

Protective clothing is essential in every food processing plant. Flavorseal offers a variety of safety supplies and disposable protective clothing products for all of your safety needs, in one convenient location.

Barrier control products are a necessary part of any food safety program. Our complete line includes full-coverage frocks, disposable gowns and protective clothing, gloves, and caps. Our color-coded frocks and gloves for critical environments enhance food safety and serve as part of an operator’s complete HACCP program.


Let Flavorseal develop a strategic solution for your commercial food packaging challenges. Tell us more about your food packaging needs.